October Creative Challenge

This months creative challenge was inspired by a staff member who was relaying to us how much she had enjoyed drawing images of her favourite music band – Bon Jovi.
This got us to thinking how much we had also been inspired by our favourite musicians in the past and how much we have enjoyed drawing them… so get your pens and pencils out, paints, pastels, embroidery or any other material that inspires you and send us your creations.

We also love to hear new music so this is a great way of introducing everyone to new bands. When you send us your images you can also send us your favourite songs by the artists or create a playlist for our Musical Musings page! Send to email address: art@york.nhs.uk

Here’s one the arts team have drawn to start you off, check out Jose Gonzalez, we particularly love the cover version of Kylie Minogue’s hand on your heart… you can check some of his tunes out on youtube.

You might also like to check out Mark Whitaker’s exhibition in the main corridor at York hospital.

Jose Gonzalez

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