Monthly Creative Challenge

Each month at Culture Club Social we will be setting creative challenges, we’re really excited to see what you make! We’ll be adding some of your lovely images into the Culture Club Gallery so please send your contributions to

December Festive Creative Challenge

Christmas Wreath There are many Christmas wreath making workshops available to attend but we thought it would make a great challenge to create our own at home. Below is a video on how to make a Christmas wreath, by the Royal Horticultural Society, and a link to their website. Good luck and please send a photo if you manage to make one!

November’s Creative Challenge

The cold, dark days of Autumn may be drawing in but the season does have its plus points.  When else, for instance, can you see such a rich abundance of colour on our trees and on the ground! Artist Andy Goldsworthy, who grew up in Yorkshire, makes incredible art in nature, including these Inspiring Autumn Leaf Creations  featured on the design blog Moss and Fog.  The artist’s work can be seen around the globe, including Wakefield’s  Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is certainly worth a visit.  So November’s challenge is to create an Andy Goldsworthy style leaf creation.  Take a photo…

October’s Creative Challenge

Creating a scene! Norma and Michael Woodford began their woodland crafts in the first lockdown, taking their daily exercise by means of walks through local woodland. Norma began collecting interesting pieces of wood on her walks and then started building small scenes to pass the time. Michael was soon drawn in and a healthy bit of competition was founded! With no creative background, the two pensioners have managed to create beautiful models depicting scenes from their imaginations, memories of places visited, former workplaces and more. Norma and Michael are currently exhibiting with us at York, for a second time, and…

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