Monthly Creative Challenge

Each month at Culture Club Social we will be setting creative challenges, we’re really excited to see what you make! We’ll be adding some of your lovely images into the Culture Club Gallery so please send your contributions to

October Creative Challenge

This months creative challenge was inspired by a staff member who was relaying to us how much she had enjoyed drawing images of her favourite music band – Bon Jovi. This got us to thinking how much we had also been inspired by our favourite musicians in the past and how much we have enjoyed drawing them… so get your pens and pencils out, paints, pastels, embroidery or any other material that inspires you and send us your creations. We also love to hear new music so this is a great way of introducing everyone to new bands. When youContinue reading “October Creative Challenge”

Flyer promoting The Place Where I Live project

September Creative Challenge

This month’s challenge is a community project brought to you by York Learning’s Claire Douglas. Taking Inspiration from our beautiful City, using fine liner and pencil only, participants will be asked to design a small section of our map. There will be a wealth of visual resources available to help you complete your piece. However, we are keen for people to incorporate their own original ideas… so feel free to bring images along. People, buildings, Graffiti, mythical beasts…the World is your oyster! A note from Claire… Hi Everyone, To all you budding artists, makers and community enthusiasts….Our Community Arts projectContinue reading “September Creative Challenge”

August Creative Challenge

The Beauty of Nature in Summer This month we are turning our focus to summer in the great outdoors – the long days, the bright sunshine, full blooms, sandy shores, evening sunsets and even the odd rain shower! We all know that spending time outdoors amongst nature is good for us and this month we have a great excuse for you to get out there. Your creative challenge is to capture the beauty of nature in summer. It could be a holiday photograph, a sketch from your garden, a painting from the top of a mountain…you get the idea. It’sContinue reading “August Creative Challenge”

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