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Michael Kiwanuka image credit: NME
Michael Kiwanuka image credit: NME

Bertrand’s Play List for Black History Month

Photo: Michael Kiwanuka Image credit: NME My wife has recently banned me from listening to some of my favorite Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield’s albums. I have to confess that once I am hooked on an artist I can obsessively play it over and over. In due rights, constantly playing the same tracks can beContinue reading “Bertrand’s Play List for Black History Month”

Image credit: Spotify. Rounds album by Four Tet

Staff Takeover – Martin Sainty – Hands

Heres my 21st century mixtape of songs with hands in the title. It was compiled from music saved to my SD card in my phone. Spotify couldn’t find all my music choices which bizarrely makes me feel quite cool when I can ‘outdo’ Spotify. Anyway, enjoy the list and for those interested Spotify couldn’t findContinue reading “Staff Takeover – Martin Sainty – Hands”

Image credit: Robert Wyatt – Blues in Bob Minor,

In The City with Martin Sainty

Destination: Bristol The first suggestion on a musical tour round the country is Bristol (thanks Bertrand for that.) So, first things first, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been to Bristol. The nearest I’ve been to Bristol is a Premier Inn just off the M5. But, I feel like I’ve been to Bristol, feelContinue reading “In The City with Martin Sainty”

Image: Sky Blue Sky,

Bertrand Porhel – Inspiration Restoration

The last year has been the most challenging of my nursing career.  Nursing critically sick Covid-19 patients and looking after their families has been a physical, emotional, and fulfilling journey during which sadness, resilience, loss and team spirit have often collided. I am delighted to share with you some of the songs that have broughtContinue reading “Bertrand Porhel – Inspiration Restoration”

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