December Festive Creative Challenge

Christmas Wreath There are many Christmas wreath making workshops available to attend but we thought it would make a great challenge to create our own at home. Below is a video on how to make a Christmas wreath, by the Royal Horticultural Society, and a link to their website. Good luck and please sendContinue reading “December Festive Creative Challenge”

November’s Creative Challenge

The cold, dark days of Autumn may be drawing in but the season does have its plus points.  When else, for instance, can you see such a rich abundance of colour on our trees and on the ground! Artist Andy Goldsworthy, who grew up in Yorkshire, makes incredible art in nature, including these Inspiring AutumnContinue reading “November’s Creative Challenge”

October’s Creative Challenge

Creating a scene! Norma and Michael Woodford began their woodland crafts in the first lockdown, taking their daily exercise by means of walks through local woodland. Norma began collecting interesting pieces of wood on her walks and then started building small scenes to pass the time. Michael was soon drawn in and a healthy bitContinue reading “October’s Creative Challenge”

September Creative Challenge

Poetry for the Autumnal Equinox The autumnal equinox falls on Thursday 22 September, when our daylight and night-time share an equal amount of time. It’s a time for reflection, saying goodbye to the summer months and welcoming the new colours of autumn. For this month’s creative challenge collect some words that conjure up what theContinue reading “September Creative Challenge”

Creative Challenge – August

Summer Playlist One of my favourite summer tracks to keep feet tapping and spirits lifted is Summer Sun by Koop It helps me feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time! The Arts Team want to share your favourite summer tracks. Whether you’re longing to get away, relishing these long summer days or suffering fromContinue reading “Creative Challenge – August”

June’s Creative Challenge

Rainbow Rocks! We’re celebrating Pride across the Trust this month to promote awareness and equality, as well as increasing understanding of the issues faced by those in the LGBTQIA+ community. This month’s creative challenge is to create a rainbow rock and to either give it as a gift or display it in your home orContinue reading “June’s Creative Challenge”

May ‘s Creative Challenge

Recycled Creatures If you have wandered down the main corridor of York Hospital recently you will have noticed local artist, Lucy Monkman’s amazing creations in the 3D exhibition space. The exhibition shows some of the projects that Lucy created from recyclable materials available in the home. The food and drink packaging brought home by herContinue reading “May ‘s Creative Challenge”

April’s Creative Challenge

Collage Artist Tanya McLelland is currently exhibiting her colourful mixed media and collage artworks, inspired by her neighbour’s garden, in the main corridor at York Hospital. You can find out more soon on our exhibitions page. Meanwhile, in the York renal unit, volunteer Emma Mckenzie has been working with patients to create pots of flowersContinue reading “April’s Creative Challenge”

February’s Creative Challenge

Beautiful Birds The Arts Team have been inspired! Having recently installed artwork by Gerard Hobson into the garden on the labour ward at York Hospital, we thought this month’s creative challenge for staff could be to do a bit of bird watching, as this time of year is ideal to spot wildlife before everything startsContinue reading “February’s Creative Challenge”

January Creative Challenge

Members of The Hut York, came together recently to think about what things bring them joy, such as dancing to music, being creative or simply taking a breath outside.  The result is an explosion of mixed media collage and happiness!  We will be displaying this inspirational work  in our 3D space on the main corridorContinue reading “January Creative Challenge”