December Creative Challenge

Ho… Christmas is edging nearer, so this month we are sending out the creative challenge a little earlier than normal. The word on the Arts Team’s lips is currently BAUBLES (it’s such a good word to say… baubles!). The 3D space over at York hospital is due be to changed in December so we haveContinue reading “December Creative Challenge”

November Creative Challenge

It’s November and the clocks have just gone back and the daylight hours are getting shorter, so what better monthly challenge could we find than one filled with bright vibrant colours. The November challenge is inspired by a new exhibition recently installed in the 3D case at York Hospital. The embroidery artist Jessica Grady livesContinue reading “November Creative Challenge”

September Creative Challenge

This month’s challenge is a community project brought to you by York Learning’s Claire Douglas. Taking Inspiration from our beautiful City, using fine liner and pencil only, participants will be asked to design a small section of our map. There will be a wealth of visual resources available to help you complete your piece. However,Continue reading “September Creative Challenge”

August Creative Challenge

The Beauty of Nature in Summer This month we are turning our focus to summer in the great outdoors – the long days, the bright sunshine, full blooms, sandy shores, evening sunsets and even the odd rain shower! We all know that spending time outdoors amongst nature is good for us and this month weContinue reading “August Creative Challenge”

July Creative Challenge

This month’s challenge is a little bit different… There are some fabulous creative opportunities happening in and around York at the moment, featuring some of the artists who have appeared on the CultureClub.Social website or who have worked on the wards at the hospitals or exhibited their work on the hospital corridors. Your challenge forContinue reading “July Creative Challenge”

June Creative Challenge

It’s amazing how a few days beautiful weather can make such a difference to a mood. This week’s weather has been so uplifting which leads us nicely into our meditation and wellbeing theme. For June’s creative challenge you might want to try your hand at creating a mandala, the history of mandalas is pretty impressiveContinue reading “June Creative Challenge”

April Creative Challenge

It was great to see what you all did for the March creative challenge, thanks for sending in all your contributions.  Now we are into April and the daffodils are out in their numbers, all the beautiful colourful plants and flowers are starting to unfurl and push through… a welcoming sign. Also in April willContinue reading “April Creative Challenge”

Do the March Creative Challenge – Work and Travel

We’ve got a great challenge to open up our series of monthly challenges for Culture Club.  If you’ve been watching Grayson’s  Art Club (highly recommended) you’ll already be familiar  with this month’s challenge. We want you to produce a piece of art on the themes of either work or travel.  If you want to send yourContinue reading “Do the March Creative Challenge – Work and Travel”