Do the March Creative Challenge – Work and Travel

We’ve got a great challenge to open up our series of monthly challenges for Culture Club.  If you’ve been watching Grayson’s  Art Club (highly recommended) you’ll already be familiar  with this month’s challenge. We want you to produce a piece of art on the themes of either work or travel.  If you want to send your work to Channel 4 for a chance to see it on the tele then we encourage that, but we’d also like you to send it to us so we can feature it in our Culture Club Gallery!   

We accept any type of art (photography, painting, collage, sculpture, textiles  etc)  but it must be sent in digital format.


Subject title:  March challenge

Include: Title of artwork, your name and the department you work in

Deadline: 31 March 2021

Artwork exhibited will be at the discretion of the Arts Team and can be viewed in the Culture Club Gallery .  Keep coming back to check the latest submissions!

Who is Grayson Perry?

An  internationally renowned artist, writer, lecturer, broadcaster and cross-dresser. He was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize for art in 2003.  Born 1960 in Chelmsford, Essex. Awarded a BA in Fine Art from Portsmouth College of Art and Design in 1982..

Who is Philippa Perry?

Co–host of Grayson’s Art Club and Grayson’s wife,  a psychotherapist, journalist, TV presenter and author.

Image: MELTDOWN, Porcelain & Plastic 2008, Karen Thompson (Arts Team)

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