Hidden Talents – Alice Evans Goodwill

At the end of last year a fleeting exhibition in the corridors of York Hospital became a talking point stopping patients and staff alike in their tracks. The exhibition was by the staff member Alice Evans Goodwill, a nurse within the busy ICU department at York. The portraits of her colleagues were created by Alice during lock down (as if she wasn’t busy enough!). The nine portraits (including a self portrait) are all oil on canvas paintings. The Arts Team felt very privileged to be able to show Alice’s work before she relocated. For those who did not get a chance to see the wonderful exhibition or are unaware of Alice’s work we are thrilled to bring you the hidden talent of staff member Alice Evans Goodwill. We highly believe she is one worth watching for the future!

Alice said ‘It was very exciting to exhibit the paintings and made me quite nervous as I’m usually the type to stay quietly in the background! You never know how people will react to artwork, but I’m glad people enjoyed viewing them. I felt it was a project that was personal to our staff at York hospital and I wanted it to recognise the contribution of each individual. It’s a good job I had a deadline for the exhibition or I don’t think I would never have stopped – there are so many people who care, doing a great job day in, day out.’

If you would like more information you can visit her Facebook site @GoodwillPortraits

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