World Penguin Day 2021

Do you recognise this penguin? He’s been stuck in the 3D exhibition space on the main corridor at York hospital since Christmas! But he’s moving on soon to make room for an exciting new exhibition. We think you might miss him, so today, World Penguin Day (yes it really is World Penguin Day!), we’re celebrating our penguin with some penguin music, poetry and art. Enjoy!

The Antartctic and Southern Ocean Coalition called on artists and penguin lovers worldwide to create and submit original works of penguin art in honour of World Penguin Day 2021. Follow the link to see the ART CONTEST FINALISTS!

Image: Grand Prize Winner: Linda Johns “Penguins”

If you have been inspired to create your own penguin art we’d love to see it in the Culture Club Gallery. Send your art to

We will be sharing the new 3D exhibition with you soon!

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