Staff portraits feature in railway bridge mural

Artist Emma Garness helped the Arts Team launch the NHS Culture Club Social website with an opportunity for staff to be part of a mural on the footbridge near York hospital. This project, sponsored by Network Rail, is to help brighten the space and discourage graffiti.

We linked her up with Bertrand Porhel a Clinical Educator in ICU and Emma Lee an AHP Manager. Elly Ross, a member from the Arts Team, has documented Emma’s progress as she worked on the bridge. 

Image credit: Elly Ross and James Drury @james_drury

This good news story has proved really popular within the local community and people are going for walks and cycle rides that incorporate the Hospital Bridge along with the two other bridges Emma has painted for Network Rail, in Copmanthorpe and Holgate.

To find out more about Emma you can visit her instagram page @emmagarness

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