Marianne FaithfullThe only way you can do anything any good is through love

The Arts Team have been really moved by this recent find on WeTransfer – How Marianne Faithfull and Warren Ellis’ poetic new record She Walks in Beauty was built on decades of friendship, passion and collaboration… it’s a very touching listen/read … check it out! here’s a link to the original article: What effectContinue reading “Marianne FaithfullThe only way you can do anything any good is through love”

Bertrand’s Play List for Black History Month

Photo: Michael Kiwanuka Image credit: NME My wife has recently banned me from listening to some of my favorite Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield’s albums. I have to confess that once I am hooked on an artist I can obsessively play it over and over. In due rights, constantly playing the same tracks can beContinue reading “Bertrand’s Play List for Black History Month”

Exhibitions Update

The Arts Team have been busy installing four new exhibitions at York hospital, including a beautiful collection of photographs of Cuba by one of York’s consultant cardiologists, Dr Sanjay Gupta. Fellow photographer, Gareth Buddo says of his exhibition, based on work he did for commercial clients, backing racers at events… “There was something magic aboutContinue reading “Exhibitions Update”

August Creative Challenge

The Beauty of Nature in Summer This month we are turning our focus to summer in the great outdoors – the long days, the bright sunshine, full blooms, sandy shores, evening sunsets and even the odd rain shower! We all know that spending time outdoors amongst nature is good for us and this month weContinue reading “August Creative Challenge”

Gareth Jones Digital Art Exhibition at York Hospital

A new exhibition at York Hospital sees Colin the Rat running along the main corridor (not literally!). You can see him between J5-6 until September 2021. ‘The Totally Brilliant Self-Isolated Adventures of Colin the Rat’ is an online comic strip that emerged during the first lockdown. Created by York artist Gareth Jones, it follows theContinue reading “Gareth Jones Digital Art Exhibition at York Hospital”

The Owl and the Chimpanzee

Library colleagues across the country have been sharing poems for Mental Health Awareness Week. Here’s one  by clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Jo Camacho which beautifully articulates the internal battle many of us face when the more primitive part of our brain (the chimp brain) takes control. The wise owl within all of us is seen here fightingContinue reading “The Owl and the Chimpanzee”

Creativity and Wellbeing Week

17 – 23 May 2021: Care Creativity and Wellbeing week is run by London Arts in Health and the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance. The festival started as a small event based in London in 2012 , to coincide with the Olympics. Last year, the week went national for the first time – allowing thousands more people across the UK to participate inContinue reading “Creativity and Wellbeing Week”

Craft Resources

Our Trust Craft club isn’t just about crafting, it’s about meeting new people and sharing ideas too. Here are some recommendations that came from our first Trust Craft Club meeting, last month. Thanks to Lydia Harris for suggesting this sock knitting pattern for beginners! Basic 4ply sock pattern and tutorial – easy beginner sock knitting!Continue reading “Craft Resources”

Staff Takeover – Martin Sainty – Hands

Heres my 21st century mixtape of songs with hands in the title. It was compiled from music saved to my SD card in my phone. Spotify couldn’t find all my music choices which bizarrely makes me feel quite cool when I can ‘outdo’ Spotify. Anyway, enjoy the list and for those interested Spotify couldn’t findContinue reading “Staff Takeover – Martin Sainty – Hands”

Annie Graham – Live Lounge

Hi everyone – this week I would like to share with you a selection of Live Lounge performances. If you aren’t familiar with Radio 1’s Live Lounge, the concept is very similar to the Tiny Desk concerts that I shared in a previous post. These performances allow artists to explore new interpretations of different piecesContinue reading “Annie Graham – Live Lounge”