Maximus Stephens – Video Game Music (part 1)

For this week’s blog post we are delving into the mysterious work of video games! Surprisingly, they have amazing soundtracks which are great to get lost in and help your wellbeing. Below are just a handful of some amazing examples, so if you don’t find anything you like get onto YouTube and search for someContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Video Game Music (part 1)”

Annie Graham – Tiny Desk Concerts (…continued)

Hi everyone – we are reaching the end of the academic year now over at YSJ which means that deadlines are looming! This week I would like to share with you a few more Tiny Desk Concerts I’ve been listening to in between working on assignments. Feel free to dip in and out of theseContinue reading “Annie Graham – Tiny Desk Concerts (…continued)”

Annie Graham – A few tracks I’m enjoying (…part 2)

Hi everyone – this week I’d like to share some more songs that I’ve been enjoying at the moment that I think you might enjoy! As always, please feel free to dip in and out of these and I hope you can find something new in this post. Easy Life – Daydreams (2.5 mins) EasyContinue reading “Annie Graham – A few tracks I’m enjoying (…part 2)”

Maximus Stephens – Interesting instruments and music

For the 10th week of this blog we are approaching a rather unusual topic, interesting instruments. Below you will find a selection of different artists/clips showing the use of interesting and experimental instruments in a variety of different music settings. Hopefully these interesting instruments and settings will get you mind thinking about what a musicalContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Interesting instruments and music”

Staff Takeover – Martin Sainty – Hands

Heres my 21st century mixtape of songs with hands in the title. It was compiled from music saved to my SD card in my phone. Spotify couldn’t find all my music choices which bizarrely makes me feel quite cool when I can ‘outdo’ Spotify. Anyway, enjoy the list and for those interested Spotify couldn’t findContinue reading “Staff Takeover – Martin Sainty – Hands”

Maximus Stephens – Mindfulness Escapism

This week we are taking a look at some peaceful music, not based around a single genre. There is a mix of some interesting covers and original compositions by a variety of different artists. These pieces will hopefully make you relaxed and peaceful, enjoy! Mauvais Roger Up first on today’s post is French Pianist MauvaisContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Mindfulness Escapism”

Annie Graham – Mahogany Sessions

Hi everyone – for this week’s post, I’d like to share with you some artists I have discovered this week through Mahogany Sessions. These performances are a similar concept to Tiny Desk and Live Lounge from my previous posts and are another fantastic way to discover new music. Mahogany Sessions are all about finding theContinue reading “Annie Graham – Mahogany Sessions”

Staff Takeover – Bertrand Porhel, Paris 1998-2000

During this past winter, I often felt nostalgic of times when my freedoms were not curtained and I was able to socialise with no restrictions. In some way 1998 seemed a very long way off. Back then at 21 years old, with a keen interest in music, I had just landed my dream job inContinue reading “Staff Takeover – Bertrand Porhel, Paris 1998-2000”

Annie Graham – Live Lounge

Hi everyone – this week I would like to share with you a selection of Live Lounge performances. If you aren’t familiar with Radio 1’s Live Lounge, the concept is very similar to the Tiny Desk concerts that I shared in a previous post. These performances allow artists to explore new interpretations of different piecesContinue reading “Annie Graham – Live Lounge”