Maximus Stephens – My favourites

For the final week of this blog until after summer, we will be visiting some of my favourite artists. There will be a range of different genres below and something for hopefully everyone to enjoy. Flyte Flyte are an english indie rock band based in London. They were formed in 2013 and currently only haveContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – My favourites”

Maximus Stephens – Jazz Legends part 2

For this week’s blog post we are returning to the realm of jazz and looking at a few more legendary jazz artists. Again, this list will definitely not cover every amazing jazz artist, these are just a  small collection. I will include a range of different instruments so hopefully there is something for everyone, enjoy!Continue reading “Maximus Stephens – Jazz Legends part 2”

Maximus Stephens – Video Game Music (part 1)

For this week’s blog post we are delving into the mysterious work of video games! Surprisingly, they have amazing soundtracks which are great to get lost in and help your wellbeing. Below are just a handful of some amazing examples, so if you don’t find anything you like get onto YouTube and search for someContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Video Game Music (part 1)”

Maximus Stephens – Interesting instruments and music

For the 10th week of this blog we are approaching a rather unusual topic, interesting instruments. Below you will find a selection of different artists/clips showing the use of interesting and experimental instruments in a variety of different music settings. Hopefully these interesting instruments and settings will get you mind thinking about what a musicalContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Interesting instruments and music”

Maximus Stephens – Mindfulness Escapism

This week we are taking a look at some peaceful music, not based around a single genre. There is a mix of some interesting covers and original compositions by a variety of different artists. These pieces will hopefully make you relaxed and peaceful, enjoy! Mauvais Roger Up first on today’s post is French Pianist MauvaisContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Mindfulness Escapism”

Maximus Stephens – Escape to a Different World (Pt 2)

For this week’s music post , we are returning to the topic of film music and once again,  embarking on a journey through different worlds and dimensions! I have picked another three film composers to transport you into a peaceful and tranquil mindset – please click on the YouTube links below to listen to theContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Escape to a Different World (Pt 2)”

Maximus Stephens – Jazz Legends Part 1

For this week’s post we are looking at some jazz legends, don’t worry if your legend is missed, this is only part one, more will come. There is a range of different backgrounds and instruments this week, so hopefully there will be an artist for everyone. Throughout the post I will try to include someContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Jazz Legends Part 1”

Maximus Stephens – Relaxing Lo-fi

For this week’s post we are journeying into the genre of Lo-fi for some relaxing tunes. So what is Lo-fi? Lo-fi is music in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible, this often includes the crackle of a record or an audible fuzz in the background. Hopefully this weekContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Relaxing Lo-fi”