Hand Medal Project Nominations

The Hand Medal Project nominations have now closed. Thank you to the 37 staff who nominated more than 80 colleagues for these medals. The nominations were truly inspiring and congratulations to everyone who received a medal. The organisers behind the Hand Medal Project would love to see photos of the recipients with their medals soContinue reading “Hand Medal Project Nominations”

Hidden Talents – Katrina Mansfield – Fluid Artist

The arts team would like to gratefully thank Juliet Stott for the following interview with Katrina Mansfield… When she’s not working part-time in York Hospital’s gynaecology department, you’ll find fluid artist Katrina Mansfield creating beautiful abstract art in PICA Studios on Grape Lane in York.  PICA is an artist collective, there are currently 27 ofContinue reading “Hidden Talents – Katrina Mansfield – Fluid Artist”

Hidden Talents – Jo Welch

We’ve been finding out about Jo Welch’s creative cakes! They look amazing… Jo says about them: I started making cakes when I lived in Sheffield for the staff at the unit I worked. They often said how lovely they were and it moved on from making birthday cakes to wedding cakes for friends and family. WhenContinue reading “Hidden Talents – Jo Welch”

Hidden Talents – Dr. Bhaskaran

We’ve unearthed these amazing drawings by Dr. Bhaskaran, a doctor in Ophthalmology at Scarborough Hospital. We’re looking forward to hopefully exhibiting some of Dr. Bhaskaran’s artwork sometime this year at Scarborough hospital within the exhibition spaces in the corridors. In the meantime we thought we would share a few images with you over here atContinue reading “Hidden Talents – Dr. Bhaskaran”

Hidden Talents – Alice Evans Goodwill

At the end of last year a fleeting exhibition in the corridors of York Hospital became a talking point stopping patients and staff alike in their tracks. The exhibition was by the staff member Alice Evans Goodwill, a nurse within the busy ICU department at York. The portraits of her colleagues were created by AliceContinue reading “Hidden Talents – Alice Evans Goodwill”