Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy Bhaskaran Exhibition Installed at Scarborough Hospital

Today the arts team installed a new exhibition by Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy Bhaskaran at Scarborough hospital. The exhibition is on in the upstairs gallery space (between Pat’s Place Restaurant and the Stroke Unit) and runs until 30th November 2021. Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy Bhaskaran, an ophthalmologist working for Scarborough Hospital is a natural meditator who isContinue reading “Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy Bhaskaran Exhibition Installed at Scarborough Hospital”

Alan Wise photography exhibition at York Hospital

  The Arts Team are delighted to be exhibiting Alan Wise’s photography at York Hospital. Alan’s work captures the play of light on landscapes and he has a passion for the great outdoors. ‘My favourite subjects are landscapes and nature, although I do like a good city/urban shot. Recently I’ve been exploring the Lake District, hiking andContinue reading “Alan Wise photography exhibition at York Hospital”

Gerard Hobson lino print exhibition at York Hospital

GERARD HOBSON PRINTMAKER The Arts Team are delighted to exhibit Gerard Hobson’s artwork at York Hospital. From a young boy Gerard always had two great loves, wildlife and art. his career advisor told him that no one really gets a job as an artist. so, he followed his passion for wildlife and became a zoologist.Continue reading “Gerard Hobson lino print exhibition at York Hospital”

Gareth Jones Digital Art Exhibition at York Hospital

A new exhibition at York Hospital sees Colin the Rat running along the main corridor (not literally!). You can see him between J5-6 until September 2021. ‘The Totally Brilliant Self-Isolated Adventures of Colin the Rat’ is an online comic strip that emerged during the first lockdown. Created by York artist Gareth Jones, it follows theContinue reading “Gareth Jones Digital Art Exhibition at York Hospital”

Exhibition at Scarborough Hospital by staff member Beverley Senturk

We’ve recently installed a new exhibition of Scarborough seascape photographs by staff member Beverley Senturk. The exhibition is in the main gallery space at Scarborough hospital in the outpatients corridor on the main entrance level. Beverley is a full time Outpatients Services Administrator who has worked for York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for overContinue reading “Exhibition at Scarborough Hospital by staff member Beverley Senturk”

Exhibitions in York hospital

The Arts Team have been busy changing over the exhibitions in the main corridor at York hospital and we’d love to share them with you. Norma and Michael Woodford Norma and Michael Woodford,  two pensioners who have no training or background in the arts, felt inspired to make these beautiful scenes during the lockdowns. It allContinue reading “Exhibitions in York hospital”