Mark Thomas: Check-up – Our NHS @ 70

Mark Thomas is 54, the NHS is 70. UK national average life expectancy is 84. If Mark makes it to 84 the NHS will be 100 …what will they both look like? Comedian Mark Thomas gives a fast paced, hard look at the NHS from his time shadowing staff in departments up and down theContinue reading “Mark Thomas: Check-up – Our NHS @ 70”

Absolute Legend – Julie Walker

We all know an absolute legend – someone who seems to be just totally in tune with the universe and does the best stuff, usually for other people. When two of the Arts Team were redeployed to Occupational Health at the start of March 2020 they were a little worried about all sorts of stuffContinue reading “Absolute Legend – Julie Walker”

Artist looking for staff to feature in mural!

Local artist, Emma Garness, has been commissioned by National Rail to design and paint a mural on the railway footbridge close to York Hospital. The artist is looking for two members of York Hospital staff to feature in her work! For a chance to have your portrait painted on the footbridge as part of Emma’sContinue reading “Artist looking for staff to feature in mural!”

Discover Top Tips from Karen Thompson

Arts Educator, artist and part time arts team member Karen Thompson is kicking off the Top Tips section at Culture Club Social. Karen has many years experience as an artist and educator and the number one piece of advice she has to give is… just do it! Don’t sit around waiting for great inspiration toContinue reading “Discover Top Tips from Karen Thompson”

Hidden Talents – Alice Evans Goodwill

At the end of last year a fleeting exhibition in the corridors of York Hospital became a talking point stopping patients and staff alike in their tracks. The exhibition was by the staff member Alice Evans Goodwill, a nurse within the busy ICU department at York. The portraits of her colleagues were created by AliceContinue reading “Hidden Talents – Alice Evans Goodwill”

Do the March Creative Challenge – Work and Travel

We’ve got a great challenge to open up our series of monthly challenges for Culture Club.  If you’ve been watching Grayson’s  Art Club (highly recommended) you’ll already be familiar  with this month’s challenge. We want you to produce a piece of art on the themes of either work or travel.  If you want to send yourContinue reading “Do the March Creative Challenge – Work and Travel”