Annie Graham – Mahogany Sessions

Hi everyone – for this week’s post, I’d like to share with you some artists I have discovered this week through Mahogany Sessions. These performances are a similar concept to Tiny Desk and Live Lounge from my previous posts and are another fantastic way to discover new music. Mahogany Sessions are all about finding theContinue reading “Annie Graham – Mahogany Sessions”

Staff Takeover – Bertrand Porhel, Paris 1998-2000

During this past winter, I often felt nostalgic of times when my freedoms were not curtained and I was able to socialise with no restrictions. In some way 1998 seemed a very long way off. Back then at 21 years old, with a keen interest in music, I had just landed my dream job inContinue reading “Staff Takeover – Bertrand Porhel, Paris 1998-2000”

World Book Night 2021

This year World Book Night is taking place on Friday 23rd April 2021. The Trust Library Service has successfully applied for a set of books from the Reading Agency, which have now been delivered! We have received 80 copies of ‘Stories to Make You Smile’ – a special collection of short stories by well-known namesContinue reading “World Book Night 2021”

Absolute Legend – Mandy Bardy

Julie Walker hands over the esteemed position of Absolute Legend this month to her bestie, Cancer Pathway Coordinator Mandy Bardy. Here are a few lovely words from Julie. Mandy has dedicated her career to the NHS working 25+ years for an amazing organisation, she has met a lot of good people along the way andContinue reading “Absolute Legend – Mandy Bardy”

Annie Graham – Live Lounge

Hi everyone – this week I would like to share with you a selection of Live Lounge performances. If you aren’t familiar with Radio 1’s Live Lounge, the concept is very similar to the Tiny Desk concerts that I shared in a previous post. These performances allow artists to explore new interpretations of different piecesContinue reading “Annie Graham – Live Lounge”

Staff Takeover – Lucy McPartlan

Lucy McPartlan, Ward Clerk for the Delivery Suite at Scarborough Hospital wants to recommend local Scarborough artist , Tom Davenport. Tom has a new album out on all platforms called Quiet the Night, including a Song called Out of the Woods, which Lucy says feels very apt for the times we are living in. LucyContinue reading “Staff Takeover – Lucy McPartlan”

Annie Graham – Questions

(Image credit: ) Hi everyone – following on from last week’s theme of Colour, this week I’d like to share some tracks that ask Questions in their titles and lyrics. As always, feel free to dip in and out of the songs shared here and I hope you are enjoying these posts so far!Continue reading “Annie Graham – Questions”