Maximus Stephens – Jazz Legends Part 1

For this week’s post we are looking at some jazz legends, don’t worry if your legend is missed, this is only part one, more will come. There is a range of different backgrounds and instruments this week, so hopefully there will be an artist for everyone. Throughout the post I will try to include someContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Jazz Legends Part 1”

In The City with Martin Sainty

Destination: Bristol The first suggestion on a musical tour round the country is Bristol (thanks Bertrand for that.) So, first things first, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been to Bristol. The nearest I’ve been to Bristol is a Premier Inn just off the M5. But, I feel like I’ve been to Bristol, feelContinue reading “In The City with Martin Sainty”

Social Impact and Meaningfulness in Creativity

Michael Loveday is a writer, editor, and coach for writers and artists. Below are edited extracts from his winter Loveday’s Letter, with kind permission from the author. I’ve been thinking a lot about the social impact of what we do as artists and writers, and the meaningfulness of our efforts to create. A Crisis ofContinue reading “Social Impact and Meaningfulness in Creativity”

Staff portraits feature in railway bridge mural

Artist Emma Garness helped the Arts Team launch the NHS Culture Club Social website with an opportunity for staff to be part of a mural on the footbridge near York hospital. This project, sponsored by Network Rail, is to help brighten the space and discourage graffiti. We linked her up with Bertrand Porhel a Clinical EducatorContinue reading “Staff portraits feature in railway bridge mural”

Bertrand Porhel – Inspiration Restoration

The last year has been the most challenging of my nursing career.  Nursing critically sick Covid-19 patients and looking after their families has been a physical, emotional, and fulfilling journey during which sadness, resilience, loss and team spirit have often collided. I am delighted to share with you some of the songs that have broughtContinue reading “Bertrand Porhel – Inspiration Restoration”

Maximus Stephens – Relaxing Lo-fi

For this week’s post we are journeying into the genre of Lo-fi for some relaxing tunes. So what is Lo-fi? Lo-fi is music in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible, this often includes the crackle of a record or an audible fuzz in the background. Hopefully this weekContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Relaxing Lo-fi”

Annie Graham – Tiny Desk Concerts

Hi everyone – this week I would like to share some longer listens to dig your teeth into! If you aren’t already familiar with NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts, then I hope these recommendations are a nice place to start. These concerts provide a more intimate setting with their stripped back performances. Feel free toContinue reading “Annie Graham – Tiny Desk Concerts”

‘Reading for Wellbeing’ Virtual Book Group

The Trust Library’s ‘Reading for Wellbeing’ Virtual Book Group meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 7-8pm. All our meetings take place virtually on WebEx. If you would like to become a member, please email The aim of the Virtual Book Group is to increase staff wellbeing and morale. We also wantContinue reading “‘Reading for Wellbeing’ Virtual Book Group”

Annie Graham – a few tracks I’m enjoying

For my first post, I thought it might be nice to share a few tracks I’m enjoying at the moment. You will see a combination of some new finds and old favourites, but should hopefully all be nice, easy listens! Feel free to dip in and out of these tracks, and any thoughts or feedbackContinue reading “Annie Graham – a few tracks I’m enjoying”

Maximus Stephens – Feel Good Bands

For this week’s post we are taking a look at some feel good bands! These are all high energy, fast paced ensembles, based around the globe. Hopefully they will get you in the mood to have a fantastic week and stay positive. Postmodern Jukebox Up first is Postmodern Jukebox, they are an incredibly versatile bandContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Feel Good Bands”