Staff Takeover – Lucy McPartlan

Lucy McPartlan, Ward Clerk for the Delivery Suite at Scarborough Hospital wants to recommend local Scarborough artist , Tom Davenport. Tom has a new album out on all platforms called Quiet the Night, including a Song called Out of the Woods, which Lucy says feels very apt for the times we are living in. LucyContinue reading “Staff Takeover – Lucy McPartlan”

Annie Graham – Questions

(Image credit: ) Hi everyone – following on from last week’s theme of Colour, this week I’d like to share some tracks that ask Questions in their titles and lyrics. As always, feel free to dip in and out of the songs shared here and I hope you are enjoying these posts so far!Continue reading “Annie Graham – Questions”

Hidden Talents – Jo Welch

We’ve been finding out about Jo Welch’s creative cakes! They look amazing… Jo says about them: I started making cakes when I lived in Sheffield for the staff at the unit I worked. They often said how lovely they were and it moved on from making birthday cakes to wedding cakes for friends and family. WhenContinue reading “Hidden Talents – Jo Welch”

Maximus Stephens – Escape to a Different World (Pt 2)

For this week’s music post , we are returning to the topic of film music and once again,  embarking on a journey through different worlds and dimensions! I have picked another three film composers to transport you into a peaceful and tranquil mindset – please click on the YouTube links below to listen to theContinue reading “Maximus Stephens – Escape to a Different World (Pt 2)”

April Creative Challenge

It was great to see what you all did for the March creative challenge, thanks for sending in all your contributions.  Now we are into April and the daffodils are out in their numbers, all the beautiful colourful plants and flowers are starting to unfurl and push through… a welcoming sign. Also in April willContinue reading “April Creative Challenge”