Reading for Wellbeing Virtual Book Group – January meeting

Hello all,

Last week the Virtual Book Group met to discuss Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield. We really enjoyed this wintry tale centred around the Thames river and a little girl who appears to come back to life after being found seemingly drowned in it. The prose had a flowing, lyrical quality to it, not unlike the Thames itself. Though firmly grounded in reality and the available science and technology of the time, there were elements of magic and mystery seamlessly blended throughout. We also discussed the positive representations of a wide range of characters, including several characters with disabilities and people of colour. A couple of attendees had not *quite* managed to finish the book, so we tried hard not to spoil anything for them, but we did agree that this isn’t the sort of book that has a big ending you can spoil – it’s all about the journey to get there.

As several of you read the book but weren’t able to attend our December meeting, I will set aside some time in our January meeting to discuss the book and share any thoughts you’d like to add.

The next meeting of the Reading for Wellbeing Virtual Book Group is taking place on Wednesday 4th January at 7-8pm via MS Teams. (If you have any questions about using MS Teams, please let me know!)

Our next book choice is a Quick Read: Blind Spot by Paula Hawkins. We have two copies available each at York and Scarborough – please let me know if you would like to reserve one of these.

To buy your own copy, it can be purchased as an e-book from Amazon or the Kobo Store. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a paperback copy, it can be purchased from Waterstones, WHSmith,, or Hive. There are also copies available from Explore York, North Yorkshire, Leeds and East Riding public libraries.

If you have any further questions about the Virtual Book Group, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,

Kathryn Aylward

Clinical Librarian


Twitter: @YSNHSLibrary

Tel.: 01904 726718

Ext.: 6718

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