Explore the Fantastical Cardboard World of Grue!

Grue is a fantastical world created from positive energy and discarded paper, a wandering cardboard labyrinth of rooms to explore and wonders to discover. 

Open weekends and school holidays between 3rd and 23rd December, 10:30 –am – 4:10pm. At the Old Parcels Office, Scarborough.  Pay what you can. 

See below for an opportunity to help create the fantastical cardboard world of Grue!

ARCADE want to enlist individuals and teams from Scarborough who want to get involved in creating this fantastical cardboard world.  They can drop off materials and instructions and then collect the pieces from you to display.  If you are interested please email Jen Burdon directly, at ARCADE,  jen@hello-arcade.com

ARCADE is a charitable community producing company based in Scarborough and Bridlington. Their latest project, ‘Grue’ is built by Scarborough’s community. 

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