October’s Creative Challenge

Creating a scene!

Norma and Michael Woodford began their woodland crafts in the first lockdown, taking their daily exercise by means of walks through local woodland. Norma began collecting interesting pieces of wood on her walks and then started building small scenes to pass the time. Michael was soon drawn in and a healthy bit of competition was founded! With no creative background, the two pensioners have managed to create beautiful models depicting scenes from their imaginations, memories of places visited, former workplaces and more.

Norma and Michael are currently exhibiting with us at York, for a second time, and it seems there is no stopping them with ideas of what to create next! Their work can be seen in the 3D space on the main corridor.

This delightful work has inspired this month’s creative challenge. What can you create from pieces of wood or other natural objects found on a local walk? Please send us photos of your creations to share in the gallery.

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