Big Thank You Artwork for Pathology Labs

Artwork by Stephen Lee Hodgkins

When the Pathology labs in Scarborough and York were awarded their Big Thank You fund to spend on their staff they chose to spend it on art to enhance the workplace environment.

The laboratories played a significant role during the Pandemic through their commitment and extraordinary dedication to the service has no doubt made a difference and continues to do so on a daily basis.  They can unfortunately be somewhat hidden heroes despite their importance. 

It is notable the positive impact that art can have; now in many areas of our hospitals and the Trust Arts Team kindly agreed to support and find a suitable artist with a view to improving our entrance areas to the labs. 

Angela Too, Scarborough Pathology Site Manager

The artist, Stephen Lee Hodgkins, was keen to meet with staff members within the laboratories face to face.  He recorded a log of discussions, words, phrases and images. Back in his studio Stephen picked out key words to produce a shared statement that captured the ethos of the labs and embellished it with his signature doodles.

After a feedback session with staff the artwork for the walls began to take shape and eventually the unveiling of the pieces arrived.

…we now have some particularly jolly reflections of laboratory work and Covid times to remind us of as we come into work.

Angela Too

On the day the artwork was installed at both sites, Stephen set up his Letterpress in the Pathology department in York and printed 200 copies of his shared statement to hand out to staff as a personal thank you for the incredible work undertaken during Covid.

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