Happy Boy

Photograph of Diana Ionita with Happy Boy artwork by Ellie Chapman

Diana Ionita visited the Arts Team’s stall at the staff benefits fair and won a piece of Ellie Chapman’s artwork, ‘Happy Boy’ (exhibited at York Hospital early this year). We’re really grateful to Diana for getting in touch to tell us what the artwork means to her.

“I am currently a bank HCA for the trust and study adult nursing at the university of York. I used to work for the trust and was based over in Scarborough, I worked in HR and later in Clinical Research and A&E which ultimately helped me decide on a career in nursing. 

The artwork has special meaning to me because the first time I saw it I finished a challenging 12 hr shift as a student nurse on my first placement. Incidentally during this shift I dealt with my first death and I felt a lot of mixed emotions that I couldn’t really understand at the time. I remember seeing the artwork on the corridors and seeing Happy Boy made it a little more bearable, and from there on I tried to walk past it when I could before and after work. It just made me feel better in a way, like all the mixed feelings were worth it and it is part of learning and growing. 

Very happy I have got my own Happy Boy with me and is hung up in my new room at uni!”

Is there a piece of art that has special meaning to you?

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