Map it Well in Scarborough

Interactive map

An opportunity for art, sea air, walking and feeling good!

Map It Well is a project created by a creative group, facilitated by artist Luke BeechCrescent Arts Curator, Martha Cattell, Scarborough Museums Trust Special Projects Curator, Dorcas Taylor and NHS staff. The aim was to work collectively to create a resource rooted in creativity that can aid in improving wellbeing, and offer different ways to interact with a variety of spaces and that may aid in de-escalating stress.

A small in-person exhibition is being held over the summer to celebrate the launch of Map It Well at Scarborough Art Gallery, this will give you the opportunity to pick up copies of the map and view finder, add positive points to the map and see examples of work created in the lead up to the end map. 

When: 23rd April – 3rd July 2022
Times: 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Sunday

Where: A Space to Be, Scarborough Art Gallery, The Crescent, YO112PW

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