May ‘s Creative Challenge

Koala and Whale created from cardboard packaging by Lucy Monkman.

Recycled Creatures

If you have wandered down the main corridor of York Hospital recently you will have noticed local artist, Lucy Monkman’s amazing creations in the 3D exhibition space.

Creatures made from recycleable materials

The exhibition shows some of the projects that Lucy created from recyclable materials available in the home. The food and drink packaging brought home by her children inspired many of the projects.

So our challenge for you this month is really rubbish! We want you to create a creature from your own packaging at home (or work). Can you turn a cup into a koala or make a lion from a loo roll? We’re always delighted to see what you make so please send us a photo and we’ll share it on the Culture Club gallery.

You can see more of Lucy’s work on the Arts in Hospitals section of the Trust’s website.

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