Artist Showcase – Oh Wonder

Photo of the two band members of Oh Wonder

Who they are

Formed in 2014, Oh Wonder are a London based alternative pop duo made up of Anthony Vander West and Josephine Vander West. They released their first album called  Oh Wonder in September 2015. All of their released albums to this date are written, recorded, produced and released by the duo themselves. Immediately after the first albums were released, they played a sold out tour covering; London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. After five years of releasing music, the duo have racked up 2 billions streams, in excess of a million record sales and a top ten album.

Music Examples


This first song is one of Oh Wonder’s most popular releases. It features their creative use of electronic filters and traditional instruments like a string quartet. The track features clever changes in texture which effectively change the energy throughout and lead to a really interesting song to listen to!

Hallelujah (Acoustic)

The next song I decided on the acoustic version rather than the regular or unplugged version. The acoustic rendition of this track is extremely peaceful and relaxing to listen to, especially through the use of the piano accompaniment and rich harmonies between the duo. The chorus is very different to the original track, but is a welcome change and creates a more natural soundscape.

Drunk On You (Acoustic)

This is another acoustic song, but has less emphasis on a peaceful relaxing atmosphere and more on a natural rendition of the original track. The use of some reverb effects and panning on the vocals help to give this track a pleasing presence, especially with headphones.

All We Do

All We Do is another relatively relaxed song, with emphasis on piano accompaniment. There are some interesting use of electronic loops throughout the song and the duo’s iconic unison vocals.

Lonely Star

The version I have attached is the Home Tapes Video which makes for a very interesting and emotional watch. The song compliments the video clips perfectly, creating a very interesting atmosphere.

Ultralife – Abbey Road Piano Sessions

The final piece I’ve selected is my favourite Oh Wonder track from their Abbey Road Piano Sessions. The production and mixing of this track is just perfect and makes me smile everytime I listen to it. The Duo’s vocals are untampered and so raw, they bounce off the piano perfectly. Enjoy this one!

Official Spotify Page

Official website

Thank you for taking the time to read my artist showcase this week, if you have any recommendations for artists please contact me! If you would like any more information about the artist mentioned please contact me and I would be happy to help.

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