Artist Showcase – Week 2

For the second week York St. John music student Max Stephens is bringing us an Artist showcase of bands tat might have passed you by on the radar… this weeks showcase looks right up my street!


Flyte are a modern English indie rock band originally from London. The band started to take shape from two of the members playing together at their local comprehensive school when they were only 11, these two members were Jon Supran (drums and vocals) and Will Taylor (guitar and vocals). The final member, Nick Hill (bass and vocals), would join the band some time later and various line-up changes through the band’s early years. One interesting aspect of the band is the multiple literary influences in their music. These influences came from Taylor’s parents who were both English teachers. The band itself was actually named after Sebastian Flyte of Evelyn Waugh’s brideshead Revisited.

In 2017 the band released their debut album titled ‘The Loved Ones; in conjunction with Island Records, with the Sunday Times naming it ‘The best British debut of the year.’ The band is currently touring.

Music Examples

Annie and Alistar –

Annie and Alistar is a more laidback track when compared to the rest of ‘The Loved Ones’ album. I really enjoyed the use of acoustic finger style guitar in the background and limited use of drums to almost give the track the illusion of a full acoustic soundstage. Flyte’s rich harmonies are also on display here and are a great addition.

Victoria Falls

This is one of my personal favourites from Flyte. This track has clever use of drums and backbeats to create a high energy but also relaxing atmosphere. The use of instrumental breaks throughout this song are also very effective.

White Roses –

White roses is currently Flyte’s most popular song and it’s easy to see why! The use of vocal harmonies, backing vocals and a wide range of instrumentation throughout the track creates a warm yet energetic feel. The melodies are also nice and simple and easy to sing along to so you quickly get involved, Enjoy this one!

Losing You

This next track is a more recent release, from 2020. It has a heavier use of drums, which give a nice sense of pace and allow the track to keep a good pace. The band’s vocal tone remains here and sounds just as good, if not better than their debut album.

I’ve Got A Girl

This final track is also from their new album called ‘This Is Really Going To Hurt.’ This song goes for a slightly different feel and atmosphere compared to their early releases but still has the fantastic use of vocals and wide instrumentation.

Official Spotify Page –

Official website –

Thank you for taking the time to read my artist showcase this week, if you have any recommendations for artists please contact me! If you would like any more information about the artist mentioned please contact me and I would be happy to help.

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