Martin Sainty’s End of Year Polls – Top 10 LP’s

Its that time of the year where end of year polls pop up everywhere so I thought I’d do mine in a rip off of John Peels ‘Festive 50’, Stewart Lees ‘I arrogantly recommend’ and Jumbo and Piccadilly Records hotly anticipated end of year LP chart 2021.

It’s a mixture of guitars, electronica, horror soundtrack and as far as I know the first ever folk metal concept album from Newcastle and Finland with a theme of plants from the beginning of time.


Top 10 LPs of the Year

1. Low – ‘Hey What’

2. Divide and Dissolve – ‘Gas Lit’

3. Kiran Leonard – ‘Trespass on Foot’

4. Richard Dawson and Circle – ‘Henki’

5. Mogwai – ‘As The Love Continues’

6. John Carpenter – ‘Lost Themes III: Alive after Death’

7. Squid – ‘Bright Green Field’

8. Shackleton – ‘Departing Like Rivers’

9. The Witching Tale – ‘The Witching Tale’

10. Eccentronic Research Council – ‘Dreamcatcher Tapes Vol 1 & 2’


Its been a rich year for music and notable contenders for my top 10 were Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Goat, Ed Dowie, Vapour Theories, The Necks and Ty Segall.

Anyway, I’m sure most of the records above are on your Christmas list but if not give them a listen

Literary cultural highlights of the year have been discovering the author David Keenan and reading Warren Ellis’s beautiful book ‘Nina Simones Gum’ (and yes it is about Nina Simones gum)

Gig of the year – Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band

New film of the year – No Time To Die (it’s the only one i’ve seen)

Old film of the year – to many to mention them all but stand outs were ‘Escape From New York’, ‘The Fog’ and ‘Candyman (original version.)’

No theatre, museums, galleries but loved the art around the hospital (it feels like you’re in a gallery.)


I think that’s about it, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and lets hope 2022 behaves itself!!!

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