Artist Showcase – Dancing on Tables

(Photo credit – Facebook(Dancing on Tables official page)

In a new strand Max Stephens is putting together artist showcase’s for bands we might not be familiar with…. check out the first band that Max is showcasing… we’re looking forward to finding out a little more about them…

Who they are
Official website link –

Dancing on tables are a pop-rock band from Scotland. More specifically, they
originate from Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland. The band is still relatively new, being
formed in 2014 and consisting of 5 members; Callum Thomas (lead vocals and
guitar), Gregor Stobie (bass and backing vocals), Reece Dobbin (drums), Hamish
Finlayson (guitar) and Robbie McSkimming (lead vocals and keyboard).
In 2017 the band landed their first major record deal, singing with American label, LV
Music. They also recently toured with the popular band Catfish and the Bottlemen for
their UK tour.

Some music examples

Dancing in the Dark (Cover)

This is a fantastic cover of the iconic Bruce Springsteen song. Dancing on Tables
add their unique pop/rock twist to this, along with their Scottish twang to create a
really likeable track.


One of their most popular original tracks, Wonderland is an upbeat song about their
hometown of Dunfermline, Fife. It includes their unique use of vocals and backing
vocals, as well as a strong and memorable guitar line to get your head bobbing along


Another original song, Missing includes an interesting use of drum fills and creative
use of synthesisers. This song is sure to get you singing along in no time. Let me
know what you think below!

Don’t Stop

Don’t stop again includes a very strong drum line which is very effective in hooking
you into the song. The chorus is extremely strong and has a very catchy melody.
Their unique use of backing vocals are also present again which adds to the
likeability of this one!

Not to Need You

The final track for this week is slightly slower and more relaxed than the previous
recommendations. Hopefully this track will give you a nice relaxing end to your
listening session, check out Dancing on Tables Spotify page below for new song
releases and potential tour dates!

Official Spotify page –

Thank you for taking the time to read my artist showcase this week, if you have any
recommendations for artists please contact me! If you would like any more
information about the artist mentioned please contact me and I would be happy to

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