Alternative Festive Tunes

Many thanks to Martin Sainty for putting together this compilation of alternative festive tunes, I think I’ll listen to one a day to build me up to Christmas… a bit like an advent calendar and a little treat to look forward to each day.


Its that time of year again that Mrs Sainty and the young Saintys all fear when I try and make them listen to my fav Christmas tunes. See what you think.

The Fall – Chrismastide’

Tom Waits – ‘Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis’

Throwing Muses – ‘Santa Claus’

Lou Reed – ‘Christmas in February’

Big Star – ‘Jesus Christ’

Low – ‘Long Way Around the Sea’

Cocteau Twins – ‘Winter Wonderland’

Can – ‘Silent Night’

I Like Trains – ‘Last Christmas’

Clinic – ‘Harmony’

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