December Creative Challenge

Ho… Christmas is edging nearer, so this month we are sending out the creative challenge a little earlier than normal. The word on the Arts Team’s lips is currently BAUBLES (it’s such a good word to say… baubles!).

Photo by Laura James on

The 3D space over at York hospital is due be to changed in December so we have been thinking that some new baubles would enhance the exhibition space and look great on the run up to Christmas. So this month’s challenge is to create your own bauble for exhibiting within the hospital (or on your own tree if you are feeling self conscious). This is a really fun creative challenge and can be tackled from all sorts of perspectives. How about digging through your recycling bin and transforming some of your waste plastic into a funky new decoration….

Here’s a link to a website that can start you off with a few ideas… there’s some inspired baubles on there made from old light bulbs, used coffee capsules, tennis/table tennis balls, clothes pegs and baking paper cups.

You might also want to paint up an old scratched or tatty bauble that you had bought years ago, here’s a bauble from instagram by Scarborough based artist Nina Hughes…

If this is a little ambitious you could paint your bauble with bright patterns or geometric shapes, or else print out some images and glue them onto your bauble, or stick some felt and plastic pieces on with a glue gun to create a robin or snowman… let your imagination flow and hopefully we will see your baubles on display in the 3D cabinet at York hospital. Please send all baubles by the 7th December to the Arts Team at York (1st Floor, Park House, Bridge Lane, Wiggington Road, York)

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