Marianne FaithfullThe only way you can do anything any good is through love

The Arts Team have been really moved by this recent find on WeTransfer – How Marianne Faithfull and Warren Ellis’ poetic new record She Walks in Beauty was built on decades of friendship, passion and collaboration… it’s a very touching listen/read … check it out! here’s a link to the original article:

What effect can decades of friendship have on creative collaboration? In 2020, Marianne Faithfull teamed up with Warren Ellis and a group of their best friends and favorite co-creators to make She Walks in Beauty. It’s a record imbued with timelessness, friendship and purity, created in a time of turmoil and pain. Liv Siddall speaks to Marianne Faithfull, Warren Ellis and friends about the power love and devotion can have on the sound of music.Illustrations by João Fazenda

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