WORKSHOP with Jessica Grady

This Eco Embellishments workshop with Jessica Grady (who is currently displaying her fantastic work in the 3D case at York Hospital) has been produced by AIR Gallery in Manchester.

AIR is a contemporary gallery and exhibition space based in the North-West which showcases emerging and early career artists. You can find out more about them from their website – The following workshop is available on AIR gallery’s Youtube channel and was commissioned especially by AIR gallery.

Jessica lives in West Yorkshire and creates colourful and contemporary hand stitched 3D sculptures and wall art. Utilising unconventional and recycled materials to create her own intricate embellishments. Her work has a zero waste approach with all offcuts being recycled into new works.

Below is the Youtube link to the Eco Embellishments Workshop

The Arts Team loves Jessica’s work and we have had a little go at making something inspired by this workshop. We would be thrilled if you sent us images of anthing you are inspired to make after following this, email photgraphs of your creations over to and if you don’t mind we would love to put them in the CultureClub.Social gallery.

Jessica also has a programme of upcoming workshops which she is running, these are both virtual and physical (Yorkshire based), you can find out more details about these and Jessica’s work from her website

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