Malcolm Ludvigsen, Exhibition of Paintings at Scarborough Hospital

The Arts Team have been busy installing the new exhibition in the main gallery space at scarborough Hospital. This is a series of oil paintings by York based artist Malcolm Ludvigsen. The exhibition runs through until March next year and is in the main corridor opposite outpatients.

A plein-air oil painter, Malcolm Ludvigsen is best known for his Yorkshire seascapes and beach scenes. 

Malcolm believes that working outside, directly in front of the subject, gives his work a life and vibrancy sadly lacking in much of studio work.  His paintings can be seen in homes and galleries throughout the UK and the USA – and many other places besides.  In 2013 he won the Oldie, £5000, British Art Award.

As well as being a painter Malcolm is also a professor of mathematics, specialising in relativity and cosmology.
Roughly 15 years ago Malcolm took a sabbatical from mathematics and began painting for fun. Inspired by John Ruskin’s exhortation that all men, as part of their morning salutations, should go out and paint a picture of the sky, he decided to give it a go, and has not stopped painting since. 

All paintings in this exhibition are on sale at very reasonable prices, either framed or unframed.  If you’d like more information ring Malcolm on 01904 633829 or email him at the following email address:

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