September Creative Challenge

Flyer promoting The Place Where I Live project

This month’s challenge is a community project brought to you by York Learning’s Claire Douglas.

Taking Inspiration from our beautiful City, using fine liner and pencil only, participants will be asked to design a small section of our map. There will be a wealth of visual resources available to help you complete your piece. However, we are keen for people to incorporate their own original ideas… so feel free to bring images along. People, buildings, Graffiti, mythical beasts…the World is your oyster!

A note from Claire…

Hi Everyone,

To all you budding artists, makers and community enthusiasts….Our Community Arts project “The Place Where I Live” has been slowly (very slowly) but surely, taking shape over the last few months and we are finally in the position of being able to offer face to face workshops again.

The next will take place in The Garden Room at York Explore, from 10.30am – 12.30pm on 4th September, so this Saturday!

To find out more or to book a free place on Saturday’s workshop please follow the link or email Claire directly

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