Hand Medal Project Nominations

The Hand Medal Project nominations have now closed. Thank you to the 37 staff who nominated more than 80 colleagues for these medals. The nominations were truly inspiring and congratulations to everyone who received a medal.

The organisers behind the Hand Medal Project would love to see photos of the recipients with their medals so please send a photo to art@york.nhs.uk if you can and we will send it on.

Examples of the hand medals from the Hand Medal Project

Below are just a few of the nominations we received.

I would like to nominate all hospital Chaplains – for all the extra work they have been doing during the pandemic – keeping peoples hopes up, helping to run small ceremonies for people who couldn’t attend relatives funerals, all their work at Easter, tree planting ceremonies, virtual services/presentations – and all the daily work they do as well!

Nominated by Ian Chapman, Cancer & Support Service

I would like to nominate a colleague [Dr Liz Baker,  Consultant Paediatrician] for a HandMedal. Liz is  always willing to lend a hand  on urgent clinical  cases even at  very short notice and even on occasion when  on annual leave  like this weekend!  Having Liz walk  through the door to lend a hand  is a  very welcome sight to everyone    She is  very appreciated by all her colleague’s in the  paediatric department not just during the COVID Pandemic but all year round.

Nominated by Dr Jo Mannion

I would like to nominate Andy Smith, who was moved to our team to work as a Discharge Liaison Officer during the pandemic, but usually works as a Therapy Assistant. Andy has been an absolute legend during his time with us, going above and beyond to help make sure discharges happen smoothly. Whether it’s organising the emergency delivery of bed’s to facilitate Fast Track discharges or coming up with new ideas to help us all work more effectively, Andy has always been there. He is leaving our team to go back on the wards soon, and I believe he fully deserves one of these medals to recognise his huge contribution to our work. Discharging complex patients during a global pandemic has certainly been challenging at times (??!!) but Andy has always been a cheerful influence on the team, and he will be greatly missed.

Nominated by Martha Hodge, Specialist OT on the Discharge Liaison Team

To find out more about the project follow the link www.handmedalproject.com

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