July Creative Challenge

This month’s challenge is a little bit different…

There are some fabulous creative opportunities happening in and around York at the moment, featuring some of the artists who have appeared on the CultureClub.Social website or who have worked on the wards at the hospitals or exhibited their work on the hospital corridors. Your challenge for this month is to get to know your local artists by attending an event, searching online or visiting a gallery.

By supporting local artists we also hope you will be inspired to create your own art and share it with us. Please send your artwork to art@york.nhs.uk and we will add it to the Culture Club Gallery. Let us know who or what inspired you!

Please feel free to share other art events that may be happening in your area, in the comments box below.

York Open Studios

10 – 11 July & 17-18 July 10am – 5pm

York River Art Market

Take a lovely wander along Dame Judi Dench walk, on the river by the Museum Gardens, take in the atmosphere and be inspired by the art.

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