Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy Bhaskaran Exhibition Installed at Scarborough Hospital

Today the arts team installed a new exhibition by Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy Bhaskaran at Scarborough hospital. The exhibition is on in the upstairs gallery space (between Pat’s Place Restaurant and the Stroke Unit) and runs until 30th November 2021.

Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy Bhaskaran, an ophthalmologist working for Scarborough Hospital is a natural meditator who is influenced by the practice of Self as Supreme, something that has been practiced by generations of divine souls living several thousands of years ago along the Sacred Rivers in the valleys of the Himalayas.

The inspiration for Dr. Bhaskaran drawings comes from Purusha, whom she believes is Supreme life force manifest in all creations on earth and the entire Cosmos.

PURUSHA-NARI (supreme-feminine) is the focus of this series of sketches, taking
inspiration from the Rishikas who existed on Earth and who could excel men in their intellectual capabilities. Dr. Bhaskaran’s faces and figures are of those people who can see beyond to be with the Seer, hear beyond to be with the Hearer, and know beyond to be with the Knower

The artworks are created in pastel pencils taking an earthen or terracotta hue deliberately to connect with the earth and living elements. All the works are quick sketches on paper with the strokes on the surface left untouched, sometimes to be covered by new marks but never erased.

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