Gerard Hobson lino print exhibition at York Hospital


The Arts Team are delighted to exhibit Gerard Hobson’s artwork at York Hospital.

From a young boy Gerard always had two great loves, wildlife and art. his career advisor told him that no one really gets a job as an artist. so, he followed his passion for wildlife and became a zoologist. Gerard did this for a number of years and then moved into other areas of work and enjoyed art in his spare time. About 12 years ago he was made redundant, and he felt that this was a now or never opportunity to pursue his love of art and see if he could make a living out of it. he went on a print making course at York College and his journey began…..

He started off working on his kitchen table at home using the traditional printing method of a wooden spoon, which belonged to his grandmother. From these small beginnings he began to produce a distinctive style and he took the next tentative step forward into becoming a freelance artist. he now has a studio space in his garden and in the last year has opened a shop in York.

Much of his work is hand coloured limited edition Lino prints with a focus on nature and wildlife, inspired by the countryside around where he lives in York.

Gerard’s exhibition can be found on the main corridor at York Hospital at junction 3 until September 2021.  You can find out more about the artist’s work on his website.

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