Staff Takeover – Sounds from the Riverbank

By Marin Sainty

Well, the virtual mega bus seems to be self-isolating in Leeds so I’ve taken a real trip to the bench to share some musical ramblings with you.

Accompanying me on the bench is the new Mogwai release ‘As The Love Continues.’ I must confess to being a bit of a Mogwai nut so I’m completely biased, but it is an absolute belter of an LP. Nice mix of electronics and guitar, loud and quiet bits and the usual bizarre song titles (‘Ceiling Granny’ being one of them) What I love about Mogwai, one of the many things I love about Mogwai is whatever mood you find yourself in, they fit it. They can be upbeat, chilled and with some of their remixed songs have some absolute bangers!! Stand out tracks for me are ‘F@%k Off Money’ and ‘Drive the Nail.’

Also on my listening post by the river is the new Sons of Kemet long player ‘Black to the Future.’ Shabaka Hutchings working his genius mixing jazz, afrobeat and hip hop. Whats not to like! If you’ve not heard the new Squid LP – ‘Bright Green Field’ then I can highly recommend it. One of the best new records I’ve heard in ages. Mixing post-punk, free jazz, improv and a singing drummer it really delivers on the noise. The last gig I went to was Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys at Stockton on the Forest village hall playing ‘Pang’ LP in full with some old classics thrown in. On drums was former Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock. Kliph and Gruff in a village hall, who’d of thought it. Anyway, the reason for mentioning Gruff Rhys is to mention his new LP ‘Seeking New Gods’ which is a big hit in our house and one record Mrs Sainty agrees is rather quite good. Lovely mix of quirky lyrics, psychedelic folky noodling with a touch of electronica. As is fast becoming my catchphrase, whats not to like.

Before I jump on the bike and head home I’ll give you a blast from the past to check out. Laurie Anderson – ‘Big Science’ was released in the 80s and stands up so well. Electronic type gubbins with sax, spoken word, profound lyrics, whats not to like!! Big hit in our house with me and my eight year old although sadly Mrs Sainty is not a big fan.

Anyway, until next time….ta ra.

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