June Creative Challenge

It’s amazing how a few days beautiful weather can make such a difference to a mood. This week’s weather has been so uplifting which leads us nicely into our meditation and wellbeing theme. For June’s creative challenge you might want to try your hand at creating a mandala, the history of mandalas is pretty impressive with the first mandalas thought to date back to the eight century! Wow!

This is a really meditative form of creating, you can make your mandala out of anything too, it doesn’t just have to be paper and ink/paint, you could try making a mandala in nature with natural materials like leaves or flowers and photographing the work (remember to send us a copy at art@york.nhs.uk so we can put it in the CultureClub.Social Gallery) or you could really think outside of the box and surprise us with some mandala collages of other materials.

here a few links to some youtube videos which show you how to make a start with your mandalas.

Remember, we’d love to see anything you create so please email it over to art@york.nhs.uk

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