Maximus Stephens – My favourites

For the final week of this blog until after summer, we will be visiting some of my favourite artists. There will be a range of different genres below and something for hopefully everyone to enjoy.


Photo Credit – The Luna Collective

Flyte are an english indie rock band based in London. They were formed in 2013 and currently only have 3 members; Will Taylor, Jon Supran and Nicolas Hill. Their debut album was released in 2017, titled The Loved Ones. If you liked what is below, they are touring parts of the UK this September so book tickets! – Faithless – Annie and Alistair – Victoria Falls – Losing You (Live)


Photo Credit – Toronto Star

Bahamas is the stage name of Afie Jurvanen, born 1981 in Toronto, Canada. He has worked with many famous musicians including; The Lumineers, City and Colour and Jack Johnson. His first album was released in 2009 titled Pinks Strat. I truly think he has a very unique sound and you will never hear another artist like him! Enjoy! – Lost In The Light – All The Time – Opening Act (The Shooby Dooby Song) – Live  – Any Place

Theo Katzman/Vulfpeck

Photo Credit – Music Experience

I’ve paired these artists together as they often work very closely with each other and have a similar style of music with Theo Katzaman actually being a member of Vulfpeck. Vulfpeck is an american funk group which was formed in 2011 and have actually performed at Madison Square Garden! Theo Katzman is an american multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, California. – 1912 (Vulfpeck) – Animal Spirits (Vulfpeck) – Back Pocket (Vulfpeck) – Madison Square Garden entire live show! (Vulfpeck) – You Could Be President (Theo) – Break Up Togther (In the Kitchen) (Theo) – Hard Work, Live (Theo)

Gregory Porter

Photo Credit –

Gregory Porter is an American jazz singer and songwriter born in California (1971). He has won two Grammy Awards for best jazz vocal album in 2014 with Liquid Spirit and Take Me to the Alley. He is my favourite artist, I love literally everything about him, but I won’t be offended if you don’t – take a listen below at let me know what you think! -No Love Dying – Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars Cover – Radio 2 cover) – Liquid Spirit – Purple Rain – Festival Jazz a la Villette, full set

Thank you for taking time to read through this blog post! If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment, or visit my website!

I’d just like to say another huge thank you for anyone who has been reading my weekly blog posts, hopefully I will return around September or October in some form. Please keep listening to new music and discovering new artists! Thanks again,


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