May Creative Challenge

We had some great flowers sent in for April’s creative challenge and some of you really enjoyed the links to the knitted flower templates.

For May’s creative challenge we are running with the theme of hands… we want you to get creative and send us your hand inspired artworks! This could be a drawing or a sketch of your hand, a photograph, perhaps a henna filled or painted hand, or even a masking tape made hand! Anything that you can think of hand related.

This is a little drawing Karen from the Arts Team made in 2007 of her own hand.

Below are also a few youtube links for inspiration… Don’t forgot to send an image of anything that you create for inclusion in the Culture Club Gallery

How to Draw Realistic Hands – Basics

3D Hand Drawing Step by Step How-To // Trick Art Optical Illusion

Your First HENNA – Tutorial for Beginners

How to make a DIY Hand Stand

Trick Art on Hand – Cool 3D Hole Optical Illusion

How to Make a Cast of Your Hand Using Masking Tape, Cling Wrap, and Newspaper

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