Maximus Stephens – Interesting instruments and music

For the 10th week of this blog we are approaching a rather unusual topic, interesting instruments. Below you will find a selection of different artists/clips showing the use of interesting and experimental instruments in a variety of different music settings. Hopefully these interesting instruments and settings will get you mind thinking about what a musical instrument actually is. Enjoy!

Ableton Concert

Although this first section is about a particular artist, I had to put it in this week’s blog. The concert is rather long at roughly an hour, but it shows some amazing examples of how music can be created by some really strange processes and objects. The clip starts off rather slow, but it starts to get really interesting about 2 minutes in. – Motors, Magnets and MOtion: Electronic Music Instruments from the Physical World.


Photo Credit – Time Out

Next up is the amazing musical Stomp! So what is stomp? “Stomp is a joyful, witty and wordless show that has been seen all over the world. An eight-member cast with energy to burn creates beautiful music and sly humor with found objects: Zippo lighters, push brooms, wooden poles, hammer handles, garbage cans, inner tubes, matchboxes—and yes, even the kitchen sink.”,yes%2C%20even%20the%20kitchen%20sink.

I have only put the first four parts of the live performance on this post, however if you like it there is a lot more available on YouTube! – Brooms – Matchsticks – Just clap your hands – Little Brooms and Hosepipes


Photo Credit – Downbeat Magazine

The amazing pianist Hiromi is up next. She is a very famous jazz pianist who has a unique performance and play style which I find makes her really interesting to watch. Although the piano isn’t an experimental instrument, the way Hiromi plays the piano is very interesting. Take a look at the clips below to see her interesting playing techniques. – I Got Rhythm – Kaleidoscope – The Tom and Jerry Show

What is Music?

I wanted to leave this week’s blog with a question, What is Music? The video below is a very interesting 10 minutes debating what musical actually is and what things we can call music – very thought provoking! – Is This Even Music?

Thank you for taking time to read through this blog post! A new post will usually be uploaded every Tuesday/Wednesday and will be around the topic of music in some form. If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment, or visit my website! 

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