Absolute Legend – Mandy Bardy

Julie Walker hands over the esteemed position of Absolute Legend this month to her bestie, Cancer Pathway Coordinator Mandy Bardy. Here are a few lovely words from Julie.

Mandy has dedicated her career to the NHS working 25+ years for an amazing organisation, she has met a lot of good people along the way and luckily a few have become good friends outside of work.  I have known Mandy for 25+ years too when our eldest children became friends at school and still are now, we have made life long memories together.  She is the glue that holds her family together where they all go to her for advice and support and has recently become a glamorous grandmother and is loving her new role.   She is funny, caring and some of the time very mischievous, we can literally sit up all night talking (maybe she does a lot of the talking and I do a lot of the listening), we have many tales to tell and some are definitely not repeatable – overall a loyal, caring, fun friend.

Mandy is also a talented crafter and always seems to have a project on the go. Check out our Culture Club Gallery for starters! Mandy knits for charity and has sold the Arts Team handfuls of her fantastic knitted Christmas puds to raise funds for York hospital. Keep up the good work Mandy, you’re an Absolute Legend!

Just some of Mandy’s creative projects:

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