April Creative Challenge

It was great to see what you all did for the March creative challenge, thanks for sending in all your contributions.  Now we are into April and the daffodils are out in their numbers, all the beautiful colourful plants and flowers are starting to unfurl and push through… a welcoming sign. Also in April will be the start of our monthly meet up Trust Craft Club sessions https://cultureclub.social/trust-craft-club/ so what better way than to mix the two together for this month’s creative challenge – Craft and flowers!

Here are some ideas to get you started, be it a knitted or crochet bloom or clay flowers that you can make in air drying clay and then paint…. There’s lots of potential, just got to make a start!

You can download free knitting patterns here:

and free cross stich patterns here:

and free crochet patterns here:

We look forward to seeing what you make and don’t forget to send us your images! art@york.nhs.uk

Some videos for inspiration:

Watch artist Vanessa Hogge talk about her inspiration for the making of her porcelain flowers:

Dr Lizzie Burn’s Lilies:

Lotus flower origami (4 ½ mins):

6 paper flowers:

4 felt flowers:

Embroider a flower:

Yarn flowers: 

paper flowers:

Recycled plastic bottle flowers:

Paper quilling flowers:

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