Annie Graham – Favourite Covers

Hi everyone – I hope this post finds you well! This week, I have put together a range of covers to have a listen to. Feel free to dip in and out of these, and if you’d like to add anything please feel free to leave a comment!

Peanut Butter (Easy Life cover) – Ellie Dixon (3 mins)

I originally found Ellie through one of her loop pedal covers, but soon fell for her original songs and other creative projects too. In this cover of Peanut Butter, she records different sounds from jars of peanut butter and uses them to help form unique elements for the track.

Bad Guy (Billie Eilish cover) – Pomme (3 mins)

A friend of mine sent me this lovely cover of Bad Guy performed in French and arranged for autoharp. This cover is far from the original with its simplistic, peaceful, and stripped-back feel.

Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover) – Eva Cassidy (4 mins)

Cassidy’s interpretation of this classic song feels so vulnerable yet calming, I can’t help but feel a little emotional when I hear it. She has such a pure quality to her voice and a sound that is truly timeless.

Lose You To Love Me (Selena Gomez cover) – Bombay Bicycle Club (4 mins)

This arrangement of Gomez’s track smoothly switches the original’s emotional feel to something a bit more fun and exciting. The choice of instrumentation and blend of voices fit beautifully in this cover, making it feel like it could have been theirs in the first place.

Green Light (Lorde cover) – Orla Gartland (4 mins)

I was never too keen on the original version of this track, but I’m sold on Orla’s cover. Even while touring, she is still able to put her spin on different songs from the corner of a tour bus. The energy she gives in this piece draws you in as you can’t help but feel the music with her.

Thank you for reading and listening to this week’s post – I hope you enjoyed it. As always, I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions or feedback so please feel free to leave a comment!


One thought on “Annie Graham – Favourite Covers

  1. Love the Peanut Butter track! Have you ever tried using anything from the kitchen cupboard to create music?


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