In The City with Martin Sainty

Destination: Bristol

The first suggestion on a musical tour round the country is Bristol (thanks Bertrand for that.)

So, first things first, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been to Bristol. The nearest I’ve been to Bristol is a Premier Inn just off the M5. But, I feel like I’ve been to Bristol, feel like I know Bristol, because its well represented in my record collection. What I can’t do is talk about record shops, music venues, pubs etc on our first virtual trip but I can share with you my musical favourites from the area and a playlist. Maybe if there are some of you out there with knowledge of the area you could share it with us on the comments section.

Bristol Playlist

Robert Wyatt –‘Blues in B Minor’  (everyones favourite paraplegic, communist, pataphysicist jazzy prog man)

Brilliant Corners –‘Brian Rix’ (jangly indie guitar pop from the 80’s. I once pretended I was the lead singer of this band to try and impress a girl, needless to say, 34 years later and we are still not together)

Pop Group –‘We Are All Prostitutes’ (post punk funk from Mark Stewart et al)

Beak> -‘The Gaol’ (who doesn’t love a bit of Deutsche Electronische Muszik via Bristol)

F#%K Buttons –‘Sweet Love For Planet Earth’ (WARNING: not for faint hearted. Hard to believe these boys were part of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony!!)

Gary Clail –‘Mind at the End of a Tether’ (who doesn’t love a scaffolder turned MC)

Roni Size –‘Brown Paper Bag’ (had to include some drum n bass or my mate Howard wouldn’t speak to me again)

Portishead –‘SOS’ (ABBA cover featured in the film High Rise)

Beth Gibbons –‘Mysteries’ (such a beautiful song, hard to put into words really)

If you have another city destination you’d like Martin to report on please leave it in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “In The City with Martin Sainty

    1. Brilliant suggestion. I know Leeds fairly and with so many great bands, pubs, venues, record shops etc it could be a long one!!!!!


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