Maximus Stephens – Relaxing Lo-fi

For this week’s post we are journeying into the genre of Lo-fi for some relaxing tunes. So what is Lo-fi? Lo-fi is music in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible, this often includes the crackle of a record or an audible fuzz in the background. Hopefully this week will open your mind and ears into a new and exciting genre to listen to.

Lo-fi Fruits

(Photo Credit – Deezer/Lo-fi Fruits)

Lo-fi Fruits is an artist I only found recently. They mostly produce lo-fi covers of well known songs – but do also publish original material. I love how atmospheric all of their tracks are and how peaceful it can make you feel – I usually listen to them whilst studying. Check out some interesting examples below, there are much more on Spotify. – Hold Back The River – Blinding Lights – Inner Peace (Japanese Mix)

Tom Doolie

(Photo Credit – Find The Mag)

Tom Dooli is a producer and photographer based in Germany. His tracks have a real modern edge to them and interesting use of different samples throughout. I’m only including one link for this artist, but it is a full length album so you should be able to get an understanding of his style. If you really enjoy Tom I would suggest listening on Spotify or Deezer for a wider range of tracks. – Fieldnotes the full album.


(Photo Credit – Spotify/Guustavv)

Our last artist for this week is Guustavv. Real name, Gus Isaacson, he is based out of Seattle Washington. He has a very unique style as he blends samples from old jazz records with a mix of modern drums and beats. Check out the tracks below to see if he is the right artist for you. – Jazzy Winter – Exiting Orbit – Tears Of Joy Trees

Thank you for taking time to read through this blog post! A new post will usually be uploaded every Monday/Tuesday and will be around the topic of music in some form. If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment, or visit my website!

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