Update on the Bridge Mural

Artist Emma Garness has just been finishing off her current mural on Love Lane Bridge in York before making a start on the NHS mural for National rail. Thanks for all the staff interest in the NHS Mural, we have now got two lovely staff volunteers, Emma Lee and Bertrand Porhel, who will be immortalised on the railway footbridge close to York Hospital.

We’ve really enjoyed seeing Emma working on her Love Lane Bridge Mural which was also commissioned by National Rail. Elly from the Arts Team lives locally so she managed to stop by one day and take some socially distanced photographs of Emma in action. Emma say’s of the Love Lane Bridge project…

It has been like a breath of fresh air painting this 40 metre long footbridge for Network Rail and the local community. Under different circumstances I would have tried to include the local community to help paint this mural, this helps give ownership and hopefully filters down to hold back the offensive graffiti. Instead I found inspiration from the Mallard Ducks on Hob Moor and the 1000 Bluebell bulbs planted by volunteers on Little Hob Moor. These two areas are well used and enjoyed by local families. On one side I have painted the Mallard ducks in a traditional style to be recognised while opting to use a negative space around the ducks silhouettes and filling them with the bluebells.
The overall colour palette are browns, blues and orange. I have kept the application of the paint thin and light allowing drip marks to appear, I like to make my murals look like they have been hand painted. I had nothing but positive conversations with passer byes with a great deal of people commenting at how much it has changed the feel of the bridge. Happy days”.

All photos: Eloise Ross

We are really looking forward to Emma starting her work on her NHS mural and will keep you all updated with her progress.

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