Hidden Talents – Dr. Bhaskaran

We’ve unearthed these amazing drawings by Dr. Bhaskaran, a doctor in Ophthalmology at Scarborough Hospital. We’re looking forward to hopefully exhibiting some of Dr. Bhaskaran’s artwork sometime this year at Scarborough hospital within the exhibition spaces in the corridors. In the meantime we thought we would share a few images with you over here at CultureClub.Social – So please let us introduce you to Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy

Dr. Sindhu Saraswathy says about the work:

The study of wisdom has recently become a subject of growing scientific interest, although the concept of wisdom is ancient. If you focus on conceptualization of wisdom in ancient texts, arguably the most influential of all is Gita- where knowledge of life, emotional Regulation, control over desires, decisiveness, love of God, work and duty, self–contentedness, compassion/sacrifice, insight/humility, and Yoga /integration of personality, all are well exemplified.

This Artist is trying to do some time travel and visualize what would have been the daily life of people who practiced emotional regulation, insight, and a focus on the common good (compassion) on a daily basis-‘vasudaiva  kutumbakam’[The world is my family]

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